Sunday, November 11, 2012


What is love to me? I would say.... it's like bubbles.

Rainbow colours at the bottom as it shines under the sunlight. Floating in the air calmly and looks beautiful when there's a lot of it. :)

But, once the wind blows, it'll burst in the blink of eye. :(

Just like love. When two person fell in love with each other, everything seems perfect, beautiful and colourful. Most of all, it gives you HOPE. However, when problems occur, your heart just crushed *snap*

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sem Break!

8 years <3 how time flies :') 
Well, just ended my finals for Sem 1 of Degree. Now waiting for the results and currently on sem break. Did VERY BADLY for my econs paper. I dunno what the hell im crapping in my answer sheets and there's a simple questions which I thought I can get some marks from there. Unfortunately, for the last 3 minutes before the test gonna end, I just realize I wrote the wrong thing! GONE. I almost break down when I told my friend about it. I got a feeling that Im gonna retake for that bloody paper! :'(

Been going out a lot (Im broke!) and slacking at home recently. Guess I kinda enjoy this 1 month holiday which I get to catch up with my old friends and watch movies and dramas which I've missed when I was really busy. :) heh and watching Running Man (not a korean fanatic but it was AWESOME)! Yeah.. Just a short blog to keep my blog alive HOHOHOHO

From left: Jassica, Pricilla, Steph, Melissa

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ir EspaƱa, Ir!!

Morning world! It's 10.28am now, Sunday! =D And guess what.. Spain WOOONNNNN!!!!! Weee~ Well, I din watch the match tho. Coz it's late and I need to get up early do my assignments all. :( So yeah.. To those football die hard fans. Sorry. At least I SUPPORT THEM! =D

Im half way giving up on You.  Guess this is what you really want from me. Progress: 5% :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Guy

The Guy, She used to love him (she still do). The Guy, She hate him so much now. So much that She can barely handle it no more. Her heart is so weak suddenly. She can feel that her heart have been slowly torn down piece by piece. And She has tried to rebuild it, but again, her heart slowly torn down piece by piece and the same process goes on..

She has been forgiving him a lot of time for making her mad and not treating her the right way. A lot that She can even barely count how many times it is. She have no other choice but to forgive him that's because She still love him. Yes, She admitted that She is naive when She fall in love with a person. But, isn't it when you love a person, you tend to do and think dumbly, no?

This time She has tried to forgive him again. But She couldn't do so. What he did and told her.. it's excruciating. He talk to her rudely, that's fine. Maybe that's how he talks to other people as well. Maybe that's just him. Then, he told her that She keep nag him like a granny. Well, She didn't nag him. That's because She has asked him that same question 3 times but he still haven't answer her. C'mon, when you want to know something or you just curious about something, of course you will keep asking that person until he answer you. No? What do you expect her to do? If she doesn't ask anything, the conversation is just so... plain, empty. Since he doesn't really talk a lot.
Sometimes She did not find him for a talk that's because She want to give herself and him a break. If She keep find him for a talk everyday, She afraid that She will annoy him. Plus, She doesn't want to be that person who always start the conversation first.

She's also angry at him is because She feel like he's using her.... like a float (taking advantage on her). She doesn't know what She said or did to him that makes him change his mind and started to treat her differently than last time. He just left a girl who love him feel so lost. Trying to figure out what he wants from her. There's one day he told her that She's more like a sister to him. That word, has make her immediately burst out into tears and She feel so hurt after hearing that. But that's ok. She went through with it. She is optimistic. She thinks that maybe that's good for him and her. She was hoping that one day he will find her, apologies to her and tells her the truth. She is still hoping for that ONE DAY.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


These few weeks have been tortured me REAL BAD. For those kids out there who think Uni's life is all about having fun, stalking hot guys/pretty girls and playing dress up, U're so FUCKING wrong! Wait till U see those assignments that thrown by ur evil lecturers.

These few weeks I think I've messed up my life.  I cried, begin to have no confident and lots of negative thoughts booming in my mind. All those assignments these days and tests (coming soon) makes me anxious and stressed. I begin to think again, am I making the right choice? #Idoubtso


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orientation Day

So, yesterday was my 1st day of Orientation Day in Lancaster University. Well, still in Sunway University. But I'll be taking 2 certs fyi. One is Sunway and the other one is Lancaster. And our exam papers will be send over to the main Lancaster Uni which is in UK. And it's pretty scary to me. Coz they way they mark our papers may be stricter than over here. So skip it! Once I reached uni I registered myself at the foyer. While walking towards the counter, I was thinking to myself, "DAMN! Im old! I can't believe Im in Uni d!" :( This is so depressing. Time passes way to fast and I dun want to go to work so fast! :( Guess, we, human beings have no choice but just to live with it. 

After that, we were all listening to a opening speech from the Executive Director of Sunway Education Group and another speech from Prof. Robert. I would say the 2nd speech was boring. LOL.. no hard feeling Mr.Robert. Just saying my thoughts. And yeah.. I guess I should just summarize the whole orientation day. Overall, it was not-so-boring day. Since there's some jokes that makes us all laugh and some lame activity that kept us awake. The hall was fully packed with new students and some familiar faces. Tania said that it gonna be more new students frm CIMP on the 2nd day of orientation. :) I love making new friends! OH! and I make a new friend on the 1st day, which is Kent's high school friend, Krystal :) She's quiet tho. :S

Before we going for a break, I bumped into Lisa (my high school friend). I was sooooo happy when I saw her and I actually went to her hug her and keep jumping till one of my slipper actually came off and her face turned super red! It was soooo nice meeting her in the Uni! Then I intro her to my gangs, unfortunately she told she can only remember few of their names which are, Tania, Talia, Kent, Divya and Caleo. LOL But it's still good. She's taking Acc and Finance. She's a very friendly and nice person to talk to. She'll laugh about anything I would say. So, if anyone of u taking Acc & Finance plz talk to her more and take good care of her :) After that she joined me and my gang for lunch. It was nice seeing her that she'll able to bond with my friends pretty well. (She's a quite shy and quiet girl tho) So yeah.. In case u guys doesn't know who is she.. Here's a pic of me and her! :)
After the orientation, I followed Lisa to Monash since her car parked over there. So I asked her to bring me walk around in Monash since she go there quite often coz most of her friends are over there. Guess what! I freaking love the library thr. It has 3 floors. 1st floor was all computers. 2nd floor was the quiet zone. 3rd was the discussion place and there's some bean bag for the student to sit on it! So relaxing! So many books thr and the place was so big! If I had assignments or research papers to do, most probably I will go to Monash's library for reference. :) and maybe study! Since the weather was so HOT, we decided to get ourself some cold drinks and some snacks. So, we went to the Cafeteria. The cafeteria over there was not as stuffy as Sunway's one since there's lesser walls. So it's quite cooling :) But there's not much food to eat tho. Oh! thank god the foods thr are not pricey as Taylor's. :) We meet up with Nicole (one of my high school friend as well) and we chit chat for like an hour before her class start. It was a nice bonding since I haven't see them quite some time. 

Oh, last but not least! From today onwards, Im gonna work my arse off till I achieve my dreams! If I dun or keep procrastinate, dun mind scolding me! Keep remind me about my dreams! :) It will definitely help me with my studies for my next 3 years starting from next week! :)

So I guess that's it! My 1st day of orientation. Tadaa.. heh! Hopefully on the 2nd day it won't be boring :S
I need to sleep now! Toodles! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yeap.. the title says it all. Im gonna blog about what happen in February. Yeah.. I know. It's ald March. So what? Blame me for being sooo lazy after my finals. heh... :) Im still lazy now tho.. but I keep telling myself that I should update my blog on what I did recently.

Well, February has been quite a happening month to me cause there's Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Avril's Concert and not to forget.. THE END OF FIA! (YAY)
Soo... whr should I start? 

Chinese New Year
So this year a lil special to my family and of course, there's an extra ang pau to get. YAY! haha.. I finally get a beautiful sister in law. She so nice to us a this while and we're all grateful to have her in Thow's family. Oh! But this year I still get quite a little ang paus compared to the previous year. Well, maybe because there's a lot ppl we still haven't visit and some on vacation. Not to mention, we didn't gamble much this year. LOL! Seems like im quite lucky this year tho coz 1st time in my life I won about RM70 when I gamble with my crazy, laugh-very-the-loud aunt. :) (Almost every year, she'll get to suck up all our money). Joy to the year of Dragon. And I finally get to wear my cheong sam which cost me RM300+ BOO.. but still effin LOVE it! :)
My Cheong Sam :D 

Me and Yeeng! :D
Me and Yao :D

Valentine's Day
Well, this year Valentine's Day is a lil special to me cooozzz... there's this boy, he actually gave me something which I think it's really sweet of him (too sweet hahaha). Honestly, this is my 1st time getting something frm a guy unexpectedly. Usually, I get my valentine's gifts frm my bff. So yeah. I still remembered how he gave me the gift. It was so funny and secretive. So cute of him!  And on that day, it was actually my 1st day of my Sem 3 finals. Can you imagined how sucks it is to study before Valentine's Day?! Can't even believe I have to date with those notes and manuals. =.= And the test was effin HARD! *smackhead* P/S: Thank god I passed everything. heh!

Avril's Black Tour Concert
In 2008, she did her concert at Kuala Lumpur and I didn't get to go for it. I missed and I kinda regret that. But recently, I managed to go for her concert. I was darn excited about it and kept asking everyone whether they coming or not. Although I aspect MORE from her but so far it was still an AWESOME concert. Her songs sure did bring back some memories. I listened to her songs since I was in primary school. :) and she's one of my fav singer. Her look on the stage was very casual but there's still got her style in it. Maybe because of her make ups and her hair. I loike her hair =D oh fyi, there's so lil people bought the Tune Talk and Rock Zone. And the people there are not as hyper as THOSE people who bought Regular ones. We did have fun up there. Guessing what song she gonna sing next and singing along with her so LOUD that I think she can hear us more than the one BELOW. LOL 
The above pictures was taken from other source :)

She sang quite lots of her songs from her old album instead of new ones. The epic moment is when the whole band had left the stage leaving the crowd shouting ENCORE. Then they came back up later on to switch roles and one of her band member performed Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. I was singing pretty loud on that. heh. Then Avril ended the concert with Complicated! ♥  Avril so much. :)

Hmm.. well I guess that's it! Nite world! :)